Team reference example; "NoPick" - Intelligent bag alarm

The background for this project is the prevention of theft of valuables from bags by a pickpocket.
Today many people discover this kind of theft too late, i.e. after credit and social security cards have been misused, resulting in large losses for the individual. Nasty examples can even lead to identity theft / fraud.

Circuit Design has developed a whole new concept with the project name "NoPick", to efficiently prevent those sad incidences. Please find below a short description of the key benefits of Team Circuit Design's pickpocket "Blocker"

  • Provides high level security for valuables inside the bag
  • Improves the feeling of safety for the carrier of the bag
  • Unauthorised intrusion into the bag is detected instantly
  • Very slim and light-weight microprocessor controlled design
  • Easily fits inside handbags, purses or travel bags
  • 100% button-free operation, very easy to use
  • Enable / disable the alarm without opening the bag
  • No external wires or external devices needed
  • Operational >365 days a year without battery change
  • Carefully designed to prevent false alarms
  • Operational over a very wide temperature range
  • Prototypes can be ordered and shipped within a few days

Patent applied for NoPick

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