Team reference example; Force Electronics A/S

In this example, Circuit Design was an very active hardware consultant, for more than 3 years, developing;

The Force 1144-1199, 20XX, 3 series, 5 series and last but not least the Force ProMaster 3XXX-4XXX head end series.

Many of the custom made circuits inside those STB’s, are the joint outcome of the teamwork,
which was established between Circuit Design's CEO and Team Leader -
Michael Gamst and Force’s own engineers.

In December 2002 we compared the outcome of this joint "effort" ~ Force 1199S versus nine other QPSK STB brands.

Download this extensive - neutral test in Adobe PDF

This apparently “unbeatable” Audio/ Video performance, the models 1144-1199/ 5 Series still has, seems to persist...

We haven’t seen this high performance, in any STB, Circuit Design has compared, since the above mentioned test.