Circuit Design's mission is to please our Customers - Team Players the keywords of our business

We offer both total project solutions and specific problem solving,
or increase performance in existing designs within the following R&D work areas:

Advanced PCB layout

Typical example:

  • A customer requests assistance using our website mail form,
    including a brief description of the project
  • Circuit Design contacts the customer by return with a mutual NDA
  • CEO and Team Leader, Michael Gamst, signs NDA on behalf of Circuit Design
  • Full description of the project or the required work package is exchanged
  • Circuit Design evaluates which Team Players are required for the project
  • Circuit Design reports to the customer with a scheduled quote
  • The Team Players start work on customer acceptance of quote

All Team Players are under a strict NDA with the CEO and Team Leader - Michael Gamst
All information exchanged between the parties use PGP encryption to maintain security and confidentiality of the project – a premise of the company.